About Our Bookshelf

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Books, like food sustains us. Reading is what we do just because. This is our bookshelf where we list our books and other things that are on our shelf. Hope this helps you pick a good book to read.

I love to read whenever I can, which lately, is not very often. I usually like to read historical fictions, fantasy novels, science fiction, romance and biographies. Once in a while I throw in a few self-help and how-to books in the mix. I collect cook books and can be just as happy reading a cook book than a novel. I can spend hours reading the atlas and poring through maps. When I'm bored, I can read anything, even labels on stuff. The worst torture for me would be to sit in an empty room without any words anywhere to read.

I have three daughters who are also bookworms. They have a nasty book addiction which is close to keeping my perpetually broke and unable to afford my own genre. So I've been reading their books; which are actually not bad! I am now also hooked on juvenile fiction and children's novels. I'm working my way up to graphic novels, but my mind just can't get the hang of reading backwards (that's how the anime/manga books are formatted - Japanese style, going right to left, back to front).

I love going to yard sales and finding a great hardcover book for a $. That just makes my whole day :)